Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Memorial Urn Review

Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Memorial Urn Review
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In many families, losing a fluffy feline friend can be every bit as traumatic as losing a human loved one, especially if you’ve had your dog or cat in the family for many years. Coping with the loss of a companion can be a stressful time and choosing the right pet urn is an important decision that you will need to make, despite going through the grieving process. That’s why we’re here today to help take some of that pain away with our review of the Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Memorial Urn which is very much a fitting resting place for your cherished furry family member.

About Memorial Urn’s for Pets

Man’s best friend may well be a dog, but his beloved companion might also happen to be a cat too. Pet specific memorial urns such as this one from Veronese, provide a beautiful and unique way in which to commemorate and keep safe the memory and the ashes of a beloved family friend. Pet urns are importantly designed to be able to hold the right quantity of ashes both safely and securely, and with this ornately crafted rare Egyptian Bastet cat design, you will have a constant and loving reminder of your feline friend.

Before choosing the right urn, it is, of course, vital that you consider the size required. In most instances, it’s recommended that you go for 1 cubic inch of space for every pound. This particular urn from Veronese can hold up to 70 square inches so bare that in mind. It should be more than adequate to house your pet but also consider whether you’d like extra space also to include say their favorite toy or perhaps a collar. This might be an additional sentimental and fitting way of laying them down in their final resting place.

Also, consider what kind of material you’d like your memorial urn to be constructed of. The Veronese rare Egyptian Bastet cat urn is made from a high-quality cold cast resin which his finished with a powder finish in bronze. This means that it is hard wearing and durable and can be beautifully displayed somewhere in your home as a source of comfort and commemoration for many years to come.

About Veronese

As a brand, Veronese is known for producing exquisite and detailed arts and crafts products, beautifully crafted from high-quality resin with bronze powder finishes with elaborate, intricate detailing. This memorial urn is no exception and is part of a beautiful range of Egyptian inspired urns, suitable for holding the ashes of a much-beloved pet. The brand itself was first established in 1988 and at the time didn’t have a name. The influence and inspiration for the ranges were the great classical paintings and drawings of the masters as well as much older Egyptian antiquities.

All the sculptures are lovingly and expertly re-created by Veronese’s team of in-house artisans who use vibrant colors and ornate textures to finish off their designs. This Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Memorial Urn is just one of a series of Egyptian influenced memorial urns specifically designed and manufactured to keep safe the ashes of a cherished dog or cat.

Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Memorial Urn

The Bastet in Egyptian times was an ancient deity, daughter of the much-worshipped sun god, Re, and symbolic of the home, domesticity, fertility, childbirth and of course, cats. The Bastet was said to protect the house from evil spirits and disease and in particular, looked after the interests of women and children. She was commonly in the form of either a lioness or a cat, just like this rare memorial urn.

Key Features

High-quality presentation and craftwork

This memorial urn from Veronese really is an exquisite piece of work and more than fitting as a final resting place for a much-loved cat. It’s made from a high-quality cold cast resin which has then been finished with a bronze powder coating and is decoratively and colorfully detailed with further Egyptian-style motifs and designs.

Size and dimensions

This memorial urn has been manufactured to hold ashes of up to 70 square inches so is more than adequate to safely store the ashes of a cat. Overall the urn measures 10” x 5” x 5” and is such a stunning decorative piece that it wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in your home.

Easily removable and safely sealing lid

If you want to keep the ashes safe forever, the decorative Bastet cat head can be sealed securely with a silicone adhesive or other strong glue. If you’ve not yet decided when and where you wish to scatter some of the ashes, you can simply and easily remove the lid and secure it with glue once you’ve carried out any commemorative ceremony, spreading some of your beloved companion's ashes in their favorite place.

A beautiful memorial piece

This really is an exquisite and wonderfully ornate piece which is just perfect for honoring the loss of your much-loved pet.


  • High-quality construction
  • Beautifully decorated
  • Exquisite detailing
  • Bronze powder finish
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Securely fitting lid


  • Would be even more exceptional in metal rather than resin.

Alternative Recommendations

If you have a small cat or dog and wish to enshrine their ashes in something perhaps a little less ornate but which is still decorative and beautifully designed, then the Cerberus Series urns from Enshrined Memorials are well worth considering. In a range of beautiful color finishes made from 100% brass metal and engraved with a cute silver paw print design, it's a fitting and elegant burial urn.


Provide your beloved cat with the sendoff that they deserve and a final resting place that will have them purring in peace for the rest of eternity with this exquisite Rare Egyptian Bastet Cat Memorial Urn from Veronese. It really is exceptional and befitting of your lifelong companion.