Overnight Caskets Pink Finish Casket Review

Overnight Caskets Pink Finish Casket Review
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Overnight Caskets Pink Finish Casket: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Luxurious design
  • Unique interior
  • Great build quality

What We Don't Like

  • Single purpose

Honor a wonderful mother and all that she has done in her life by giving her a gorgeous final resting place. This Pink Finish Casket from Overnight Caskets even has the word “Mother” in a beautifully embroidered design. This is a very difficult time for yourself, your friends, your family, and your loved ones. Make it easier on yourself by picking this fine casket. It’s made of durable metal and has the most lovely, feminine design that any mother would enjoy.

Overnight Caskets Pink Finish Casket Review

Metal might not seem like the first choice for a casket, but it is extremely durable, quite beautiful, comes in many colors, and has an affordable price range for many budgets. This Pink Finish Casket from Overnight Caskets takes advantage of its metal base to give you a nice feminine look.

Who is this for?

This Pink Finish Casket would be for someone’s mother. She could be a mother, a grandmother, a foster mother, a stepmother, or more of a mother figure in her loved ones’ lives. Since the word “Mother” is embroidered in the head panel, others at the funeral will know how special this woman has been to her loved ones.

Due to its pink look and “Mother” embroidery, this would not be a casket for father figures, men, teenagers, or for a loved one who was not a mother.

What’s included?

Overnight Caskets provides very safe and fast shipping of its caskets, so you will receive this rather quickly. Once you do get it, in the box you will find the casket itself fully assembled with no need to put it together. You also get a matching light pink pillow and throw to arrange the deceased person comfortably. It has an adjustable eternal rest bed at both the head and the foot, and you also get a memory and record tube.

Overview of features:

This casket was designed with a lovely feminine look that is eye-catching and instantly lets everyone know how special this woman has been. It is also very durable, being made out of 18 gauge steel. That is a thicker steel than 20 gauge and will last a long time. The exterior is painted several shades of light pink that create an ombre effect. There are also pink jewel-toned accessory decorative pieces with roses painted on them that go around the outside edge of the casket.

The interior is made of soft tufted light pink crepe fabric to form a bed. It has padded stitching on the sides and a soft lid. The double lid above is in the French fold design and has a solid hinge to keep it from falling over.

This casket also comes with a rubberized gasket seal, which has been inserted and wrapped around the entire edge of the casket shell. This prevents elements from entering the casket and makes preservation that much longer.

One additional feature that would be nice is a velvet interior. Velvet is a nicer material than crepe, it is softer, and it also creates that beautiful tufted look.

Selecting and Purchasing a Casket

When selecting a casket, the first feature you want to consider is how it will look. Most caskets come with a single basic design with the double-hinged French fold lid. So, it is a matter of preference on the exterior color you choose for your casket. Some purchasers will prefer wood, although there are caskets made of other materials like metal. Wood caskets can be either darker or lighter in color. Different types of woods come associated with different price ranges, too.

Mahogany, wood, and cherry are more high cost materials, while more woods like oak, birch, maple, pine, and willow are more low cost. You will also want to consider the interior materials, such as the fabric choice and color, in addition to further details like tufting and padding.

Finally, when you purchase a casket online, your local funeral home does have to accept it. So, you can be confident in selecting one that will be an honor to the person’s burial.

Product Alternative

The Heritage Bronze Finish Casket from Overnight Caskets is also made from 18 gauge steel with a light interior. However, it has a traditional dark bronze exterior that is beautiful and much more neutral for any male family members. The interior is also a soft velvet instead of crepe. Overall, this bronze colored metal casket might be a better alternative than the Pink Finish Casket.


During such a difficult time, you want to have all the details taken care of and to select what you want in a short period of time. That’s why this Pink Finish Casket from Overnight Caskets is a lovely and popular choice. It really honors your loved one in a casket that is both practical and with beautiful details.