Memorials4U Mulberry and Silver Band Cremation Urn Review

Memorials4U Mulberry and Silver Band Cremation Urn
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Cremation urns hold a special place in everyone’s life. After all, they safely carry the ashes of our loved ones. An urn is capable of conjuring sweet memories of a loved one by just looking at it, so it only makes sense that you pick up the best possible urn if you have recently lost someone close to you.

There is no shortage of urns on the market. You will find thousands and thousands of them in various designs, sizes, and quality. Because of this, settling on one particular urn can become very difficult.

We understand that you want the best urn but don’t have the emotional capacity at this point to go through so many of them. For this reason, we made it our job to look for an ideal urn to settle on—the Memorials4U Mulberry and Silver Band Cremation Urn.

About Memorials4U

Memorials4U is an importer, exporter, and manufacturer of several cremation products, including cremation urns and cremation jewelry. They are also known to specialize in pet urns and pet cremation jewelry.

This company has their manufacturing plants in China and India and serves over 15 countries all over the world their beautiful products. The company is well-known to offer a variety of high-quality funerals products at a very affordable cost.

Memorials4U Mulberry and Silver Band Cremation Urn

The Memorials4U Mulberry and Silver Band Cremation Urn is a beautiful and well-designed urn that has a universal appeal. It is made from the finest of materials and has ample space within to hold the ash securely.

Let’s take a look at this fantastic urn a bit more in detail.


If you are looking to put the ashes of your loved one in an urn, it is imperative that the urn has a breathtaking design, among many other features. That’s one aspect of this Memorials4U cremation urn that you will certainly like.

  • Design

In terms of design, the company has kept this urn elegant. The urn is a deep purple color, and this particular hue looks rich and shines when light reflects on it.

This design is further made better with the silver band across the urn, which is seen on the top, on the bottom, and on the lid. This band is about an inch thick and has a unique engraved design that is made by hand all throughout.

This design is highly detailed and is extremely beautiful to look at. This too shines when light reflects on it.

  • Build

The overall build and quality is a crucial factor for any good urn as you will be placing the ashes of your loved ones in them. For this reason, durability is the most crucial element. That’s one thing you are definitely going to find in this Memorials4U urn.

This urn is entirely handcrafted, making every single one of them unique. It is made out of a strong and solid metal along with a beautiful lacquer coat. This coat does a great job in preserving the urn’s brilliance.

  • Engraving

If you are looking to personalize the urn, then you will be glad to know that this urn can easily be engraved. The best part is that the company will engrave it for you for a small extra charge.

Alternatively, you can take the urn to your local trophy shop and get in engraved there too.

  • Sizing

Sizing is another crucial factor for an urn. You would not want an urn that is too small to hold all the ashes. That ultimately proves to be a complete waste.

So, in terms of the urn’s size, its dimensions are 11 inches in height and eight inches in diameter. All in all, the urn weighs roughly about three and a half pounds. This makes it heavy enough to keep it from falling easily.

  • Capacity

The Memorial4U urn has a total capacity of 200 cubic inches. This allows the urn to hold the remains of a human who weighs up to 200 pounds with absolute ease.

  • Secure Lid

You can place the ashes in the urn from the top opening. This comes with a threaded lid to secure the ashes within properly. It also comes with a felt bottom that prevents it from sliding.

  • Easy Return

The company offers an easy two-week return policy on this urn (if you have not engraved it and/or used it yet). If you face any issues with the urn, the company has a 24×7 customer care that you can get in touch with.


  • Made from high-quality and robust materials
  • Has a lovely design and color
  • Features an intricate, engraved, handcrafted design
  • The urn can be personally engraved
  • Quite large in size
  • Can easily accommodate ashes of a big person
  • Comes with a well-secured lid
  • Easy two-week return policy


  • Available in only one size
  • Engraving is not complimentary
  • The threading on the lid could be slightly rough

Summary of the Features

This Memorials4U cremation urn is a beautifully designed and highly detailed urn that is perfect to place the ashes of your loved one. The urn is made from solid metal with a lacquer coating.

What’s more is that it comes with a threaded lid that keeps the ashes secured. The urn is perfectly sized and has space within that can easily hold the ashes. This urn is durable and will easily last you for a long time.



Still not convinced this is the urn you’re looking for? We compared the Memorials4U Mulberry and Silver Band Cremation Urn to the Enshrined Memorials Cremation Urn to put it to test.

Both the urns are shaped the same. They also have a vaguely similar design. Similarity-wise that is all there is about it. The Memorials4U urn has a far more intricate handcrafted design, which stands out more than its counterpart.

Furthermore, the Enshrined Memorials Urn has a slightly lesser space within, which means that it holds a smaller quantity of ashes in comparison to its counterpart. While these are basic differences, they do make a big impact when you look at the larger picture.


You only want the best for your loved ones, even after their death. So, if you are going to cremate them, we highly recommend that you buy the Memorials4U Mulberry and Silver Band Cremation Urn. This beautiful urn has an intricate handcrafted design that has a universal appeal. Additionally, the urn has a strong build with a well-secured lid to keep the ashes safe.