Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set Review

Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set Review
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Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money



When a loved one or even a beloved pet passes away, many people will look for a keepsake to help keep their memory alive. After cremation, a set of quality cremation urns can be a great way to provide that keepsake.

The good news is that we have found a set of classic keepsake urns from memorials 4U. We’ve decided to take a good look at the various features and design points of this set. That way, you can determine if this is the right product to help you honor the memory of your departed loved one.

Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set Review

The four urns in the Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set feature a sturdy stainless-steel construction with a lacquer coat that allows a different design on each urn. These designs include summer blue, forest blue, ocean blue, and cloud blue.

Each urn is around three inches tall and will hold about three tablespoons of cremation ash. The urns will be delivered to you in a protective display box and will also come with a set of four velvet bags.

Who Is This Product For?

By its very nature, the memorials 4U Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set is going to be best for families or close friends. It allows you to divide post-cremation ashes among two to four people, perfect for when many people are all looking for a keepsake after a loss.

While they may be small, the urns do boast a very sturdy, all metal construction. That makes them ideal as the long-term containers for ashes. The beautiful lacquer-based design also means they can be placed on display anywhere within the home.

What’s Included?

As described above, inside the box, you will find four urns made of metal with a lacquer-based design. You also get four velvet bags, one for each urn.

Overview of Features

The things you would expect from the memorials 4U Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set are:

  • Construction

One thing that really impressed us about the memorials 4U Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set would be the material used to manufacture them. Let's be frank, the purpose of these urns is to hold the remains of a beloved family member, friend, or even a specially loved pet.

To that end, you want to know that their ashes are being stored in a suitable receptacle. You can rest assured that it is the case here, thanks to the construction that makes use of premium metal as the base element for the urn body.

That makes the urns feel appropriately heavy, instead of light and cheap. It also means the urns themselves will have a long lifespan.

  • Design

The lacquer design is also lovely, as it gives the urns a truly premium looking finish. The designs, particularly the colors used, are both pleasing from an aesthetic point and subtle and understated.

In other words, these urns look great without dominating attention, making them ideal for the respectful storage of cremation ashes. They can also be easily displayed just about anywhere in the home since they will look great wherever they are placed.

  • Set of Four

It is also beneficial that the urns come in a pack of four. Grief can be a difficult time for many people, and most loved ones will also want to get their own keepsake of the person who has passed away. The fact that you get four urns in this product makes it easy to be able to give ashes to everyone who requests them. The four included velvet storage bags also add an element of class to the distribution of the urns.

Get the Most Out of It

These urns are very easy to use, but as noted above, they do not come with a filling kit. It’s a slight shame though that there is no kit included to help you to fill the urns. Thus, it may be a good idea to pick up a few extras, such as a simple and a small funnel, to help you to fill each urn easily, as well as to ensure that filling the urns does not lead to any unfortunate spillages.


It is quite obvious that this kit has been put together for people who wish to share the ashes of a cremated loved one, whether a family member, a close friend, or a dearly loved pet. Depending on the amount of ash created, there will almost certainly be too much to be contained in the four urns. Remember that they can only each hold about three tablespoons of ash.

To that end, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend an alternative, as much as an additional product instead. This large urn from Memorials4U can hold any surplus ashes that are not allocated between the four urns in the kit. It is also a very well built and sturdy urn that provides a suitably respectful container for the noble purpose that it must serve.

In addition, it boasts a similar blue design the four urns have. That means that it can be seen as part of a complete set: the larger urn and the four complimentary ones. That offers a nice symmetry in the storage of very precious remains.


We were very impressed with the memorials 4U Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set. First and foremost the urns boast a very solid, well-made construction using premium materials.

Second, they have an attractive but subtle style. This means they can take their place on display anywhere in the home, which is always a useful feature of cremation urns.

Finally, the fact they come in a set of four makes them ideal for sharing ashes out when there are a number of people looking for keepsakes to help them remember the deceased loved one or pet.

Times of bereavement are, of course, incredibly difficult for all involved. As such, it is great to know that there are quality sets of urns like the memorials 4U Forever in Our Hearts Classic Keepsake Urn Set out there to make the process even just a little easier.