Best Funeral Gifts

Best Funeral Gifts
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The best funeral gifts can help to express your condolences and show a dear friend or loved one who’s going through a difficult time just how much you really do care. At such an emotional time when someone close to you has suffered a loss, it’s entirely appropriate to reach out and send them something that is both meaningful and personal. It’s not always easy though, knowing what gifts are acceptable.  While the Western tradition has been to send a card or some flowers, that’s not necessarily going to be the custom or tradition in some other cultures or religions, and of course, the very last thing that you want to do is cause further upset to someone who is already grieving.

Following the death of a close family member, friends and extended family rally around to offer both their condolences, respect, comfort as well as emotional and physical support. It can be an overwhelming time, filled with visitors. If you’re not able to attend the funeral or memorial service, then you might want to send a sympathy gift that the recipient can cherish, something that will encourage happy memories and provide a source of comfort and emotional release.

There has been a move in recent years towards sending sympathy gift baskets, packed with tangible and practical things that the recipient might find useful if they’re struggling to stay on top of the usual daily jobs of cooking and preparing meals for example. Other ideas include a meaningful and commemorative gift with which the individual’s name will be preserved and honored, such as the planting of a tree or the fixing of a memorial plaque in some place of significance to the deceased.

Other gift ideas include presents that can be displayed around the home as a visual reminder of a loved one that the deceased can simply reflect upon when they wish to cherish and remember their loved one.

Let’s look at three of the best funeral gifts for a friend in mourning.

Best Funeral Gifts Reviews

Chanasya, Warm Hugs Comfort Blanket

Our first recommendation is like giving a warm, comforting and friendly hug. Throwing your arms around a friend and giving them a big reassuring squeeze in their hour of need. From the family-owned company Chanasya, it’s an incredibly soft, high-quality comfort blanket that has been hand designed from the finest quality materials to bring a sense of warmth and support.

The Gift Hug Blanket is adorned with motivating and inspiring words, designed to bring hope and positivity, peace and harmony into the recipient’s life. With words such as Prayer, Hugs, Healing Energy and Compassion inscribed on the fleecy, cozy blanket, it makes a thoughtful and practical gift.

The Chanasya warm hugs comfort blanket comes in a wide range of beautiful colors so that you can pick one out that matches your friends’ home decor or is symbolic of their favorite color or that of their deceased loved one.

The blankets are luxurious to the touch, elegant to look at and the perfect size for either a couch or sofa or to have as throw over a bed. They’re machine washable, full of warmth and joy and are made from high-grade velvet fleece and Sherpa to engulf the owner in a positive wave of love.


  • Comfort blanket for reassurance and warmth
  • Quality, elegant velvet fleece fabric design
  • Beautiful range of color options
  • Like being engulfed in a warm and positive hug
  • Breathable, non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried


  • Writing not always clear on some of the color options


Top Shelf “In Loving Memory” Keepsake Jar

Such a lovely and thoughtful funeral gift idea that any recipient is bound to appreciate and cherish. This Memory Jar from In Loving Memory is the perfect place to store all those memories, big or small, of the significant life memories, enjoyed together.  It can also be used to just capture those little but still deeply meaningful thoughts about those who have departed.

It makes the perfect gift for a memorial service, funeral or reception, where all the loved ones nearest and dearest are gathered together as one.  It’s an excellent opportunity to encourage friends, family and colleagues to fill out their own individual ticket and record their own personal happy memory of an occasion spent with the deceased which can subsequently bring comfort to the family in their hours of grief.

Before long the memory jar will be full of wonderful thoughts and memories that can be read any time a family member feels like reminiscing and fondly recollecting days gone by. This memorable keepsake gift is so personal and unique and can be cherished forever.

Everything is included in this kit including 180 wish tickets, a pen, a rewritable twine hung plaque along with a decorative lid. It all comes carefully packaged and ready to gift in a protective box.


  • Unique gift idea
  • Complete kit
  • Record beautiful memories
  • Supplied in a gift box
  • Plaque can be personalized
  • Will last for years
  • Can be displayed anywhere in the home


  • 180 wish tickets may not be enough


Pavilion Gift Company, 9-inch Sympathy Angel Figurine

The Pavilion Gift Company specializes in producing thoughtful gifts of celebration and commemoration which are perfect for giving to a loved one, depicting simple gestures combined with beautiful symbolism. Their Simply Spirits range features exquisite gift ideas which are rustic in nature, designed to feature distressed wood finished jewel-tone colors and embossed flowers for example. They really do make beautiful gifts that the recipient is bound to cherish.

With a range of products created for all kinds of occasion, from angels and birds to music boxes and birdhouses, we’ve hand-picked their Sympathy Angel Figurine from the collection as an appropriate and beautiful funeral gift idea.

Standing 9-inches high, this beautiful hand-painted angel design is attractively packaged in a gift box. The attention to detail is exquisite, and the angel features the following words of comfort and support, “Angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hands of God.” If you know someone who would find comfort and support from the sentiment of those words and having an angel figurine on display in their home for reassurance and remembrance, then this sympathy figurine is a delightful and exquisite gift.


  • High-quality hand painted design
  • Beautiful words of reassurance printed on the figurine
  • Attractively packaged in a gift box
  • 9-inches high made from durable poly resin
  • Part of the handcrafted Simple Spirits range
  • Distressed wood with rustic feel and finish


  • Some issues with damage to presentation packaging


Final Thoughts on Best Funeral Gifts

We believe that our three best funeral gift recommendations express appropriate sympathy, condolences, and well-wishes to a friend or co-worker recently suffering from the loss of a loved one. The three are very different but highly unique, personal and comforting gift ideas which, accompanied by a kind-hearted note, will undoubtedly go a long way to expressing your devotion and condolences in a thoughtful way.