Best Caskets of 2023 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Caskets of 2023
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Since ancient times, people have been trying to pass on to the other world in style and grace. They have been known to build monumental tombs and organize elaborate processions. As the vessel for the heavens, the casket has always been the centerpiece of funeral ceremonies.

However, selecting the best casket that will become the final resting place of your loved one is by no means easy. You have to think about the casket size, materials, and lining, and there is always the question of which manufacturer to go with.

To offer some help at a grief-stricken moment, this write-up features some of the best caskets you can currently find.

Comparison Chart

Overnight Caskets – Knight Black Brush

Overnight Caskets – Full Brush Copper

Overnight Caskets – Knight Silver

Overnight Caskets – Heritage Bronze Finish

Overnight Caskets – White Cross White Finish

Best Caskets Reviews

1. Overnight Caskets Knight Black Brush Metal Casket

This Overnight Caskets product is a metal casket of great build quality and materials. There are also more than a few details and design elements that make this casket a dignified option for any funeral.

Product Highlights

One of the most striking features of the Knight Black Brush metal casket is the combination of silver highlights and brushed black metal finish. The black top lid and casket bottom is perfectly offset by the silver details in the middle.

This casket has a classic white velvet interior which features a recognizable French fold design for added detail. But premium interior design doesn’t stop at the French fold. This is a half-couch casket and the inside features a matching throw and pillow to round off the other sophisticated interior details.

It is worth noting that the head and foot of the eternal bed are fully adjustable. Besides the exceptional design, this casket also offers a few functional features that make it a great choice. The 18-gauge steel body has a welded construction to fully seal the bottom.

In addition, the swing bar handles ensure the deceased reaches the final resting place in style. This casket also comes with a high-quality locking mechanism and a full gasket sealer to protect the remains from the elements.

This casket includes a record and memory tube for you to safely place the loved one’s personal belongings.

What's to like about the Overnight Caskets Knight Black Brush Metal Casket

The Knight Black Brush metal casket is designed to provide outstanding protection and style for the deceased. The welded steel construction and full gasket keep water, dirt, and insects away from the casket interior. What’s more, the extensive silver details give the casket a special flair of refinement and class.

What's not to like about the Overnight Caskets Knight Black Brush Metal Casket

While this casket is an excellent choice overall, the two-tone silver and black design might not be to everybody’s taste. It does look stylish and elegant, but some people might prefer to go for a different finish to match the character of their loved one. But of course, the black and silver might just be perfect for the certain someone, which only the loved ones are qualified to judge.


  • check
    Welded steel construction
  • check
    Great interior design
  • check
    Silver-tone details
  • check
    Excellent build quality
  • check
    Gasketed seal


  • The color combination might not be to everybody’s taste

2. Overnight Caskets Full Brush Copper Metal Casket

Overnight Caskets designed the Full Brush Copper Metal Casket to reflect a more traditional style. It delivers timeless appeal and great attention to even the most minute detail.

Product Highlights

As the name suggests, this metal casket has a captivating brown and brushed-copper finish. The brown swing handles on either side perfectly match the casket exterior. In addition, the three-section swinging mechanism sports a bronze finish that stands in perfect contrast with the rest of the exterior design.

The Brush Copper metal casket doesn’t lack an exceptional interior design. The high-quality velvet interior is a light cream color that offsets the darker tone casket exterior. The French fold completes the exquisite interior design of this casket.

An interesting detail that makes this casket stand out from the competition is the buttoned upholstery in the top lid. This works great with the rest of the interior design and provides some extra sense of style. When it comes to comfort, the Overnight Caskets comes with a fully adjustable eternal bed. What’s more, the throw and pillow perfectly match the bed and provide some extra support for the deceased.

If you go for this metal casket, there is no need to worry about the integrity of your loved one’s remains. Like most other Overnight Caskets burial boxes, it comes with a full rubber gasket that provides a tight seal to element-proof the casket.

What's to like about the Overnight Caskets Full Brush Copper Metal Casket

The brown and brushed-copper finish give this casket a special appeal. This metal casket also comes with rounded edges for a smooth, almost streamlined flow. Besides the rugged and durable steel construction, this casket also gives off a unique sense of elegance and style, which is primarily achieved by the buttoned upholstery and French fold.

What's not to like about the Overnight Caskets Full Brush Copper Metal Casket

There is very little not to like about this casket, but it might benefit from one improvement. It would be nice to have some extra support for the handle, since the metal casket is very heavy and has a 3-piece swinging mechanism.


  • check
    Appealing traditional style
  • check
    Comfortable interior
  • check
    Rounded edges
  • check
    Built to last welded steel
  • check
    Gasketed design


  • 3-piece swinging mechanism

3. Overnight Caskets Knight Silver Metal Casket

Featuring an eye-catching exterior of different shades of silver and black accents, this casket represents a statement piece and an exemplary eternal resting place. In addition, it sports more than a few characteristics to ensure the comfort and integrity of your loved one, which puts it squarely among the best caskets.

Product Highlights

The Knight Silver metal casket would befit the unique and dignified character of the deceased. The silver to grey finish has a uniform, yet exceptionally stylish appeal with just a few black highlights that delineate the casket’s sections. This Overnight Caskets burial box has a beautiful interior that delivers a beautiful contrast to the silver exterior.

The white crepe interior sports the well-liked French fold to add some structural detail. Like most Overnight Caskets models, the Knight Silver metal casket is a half-couch design, featuring an adjustable bed at the foot and head. The lining on the top lid is stylish upholstery characterized by accented lines in the middle.

This casket excels in terms of build quality as well. The 18-gauge steel provides great protection for the remains and the welded construction ensures the structural integrity of the casket. It also sports a heavy-duty locking mechanism with a rubber sealer to provide a tight and secure closure.

The Knight Silver metal casket has square edges with intricate etching to add a touch of artistic craftsmanship. The etched squares work great with those on the 6-section swinging mechanism that supports the handle. Both feature a matching matte silver finish.

What's to like about the Overnight Caskets Knight Silver Metal Casket

Overall, this is one of the best caskets for its great combination of durable build quality and outstanding design. In addition, this casket reflects respect for your loved one since the interior complements the exterior’s build quality and attention to detail.

What's not to like about the Overnight Caskets Knight Silver Metal Casket

This casket features a rugged handle which has a textured powder-coated finish for a better grip. While the handle itself is perfect for its intended purpose, the powder coating could be of better quality to match the rest of this outstanding casket.


  • check
    Elegant silver-grey design
  • check
    Plush top lid lining
  • check
    Adjustable interior
  • check
    Etched details
  • check
    Rigid construction


  • Lower quality powder coating on the handle

4. Overnight Caskets Heritage Bronze Metal Casket

This Overnight Caskets Heritage Bronze Metal Casket features a perfectly balanced combination of dark bronze tones, high-quality lining, and gold color accents for a special touch of gentility. In addition, it also incorporates a durable construction that truly puts it among the best caskets available.

Product Highlights

The combination of brown and brushed-copper tones won’t go unnoticed on this casket. It gives the Heritage Bronze Metal Casket a classic look and style to last for eternity. The finish provides a traditional-looking contrast to the light cream interior and gold color accents on the sides.

Staying true to the Overnight Caskets tradition, this burial box features a half-couch lid with matching throw and pillow. The interior is made of light-cream velvet for a stylish contrast to the dark-colored exterior. The buttoned upholstery under the top lid adds an extra sense of elegance to this model. What’s more, the Heritage Bronze Metal Casket offers almost unparalleled support since the bed can be adjusted to fit your loved one.

When it comes to size, this casket has been designed to fit all standard burial vaults. The interior measures 79 x 23.5 inches in length and width and the exterior is, of course, somewhat bigger at 81 x 28 X 23.5 inches in length, width, and height. As you might have guessed, this metal casket weighs a hefty 200 pounds.

What's to like about the Overnight Caskets Heritage Bronze Metal Casket

The things that go in favor of this Overnight Caskets model are an outstanding traditional design, perfectly placed details, and an interior which reflects elegance and dignity. Don’t forget the solid all-steel construction. Like most Overnight Caskets models, the Heritage Bronze Metal Casket is built with a tight and gasketed seal to keep your loved one from external elements.

What's not to like about the Overnight Caskets Heritage Bronze Metal Casket

You would be hard-pressed to find anything not to like about the Heritage Bronze. But the traditional design that features dark tones and gold color accents might not be to everybody’s taste. However, this is a matter of personal choice rather than a true downside.


  • check
    Classic design
  • check
    Gold color accents
  • check
    Cream velvet interior
  • check
    Fits standard burial vaults
  • check
    Gasketed seal
  • check
    Welded metal construction


  • Might not be universally appealing

5. Overnight Caskets White Cross Metal Casket

The White Cross Metal Casket features the well-known Overnight Caskets build quality. Moreover, this one features a design and style like few other caskets. It is truly one-of-a-kind in terms of style. The outstanding details might make it a particularly interesting choice for any Christian.

Product Highlights

As you might have guessed, this casket is completely white and there are a few crosses and biblical references to be found. The few gold color accents make it all the more special.

The thing that will grab your attention as soon as you lay eyes on this model is the swing bar handle and the mechanism that supports it; the 3-piece golden mechanism holds the bar handle with understated dignity.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that each section of the swing mechanism has a white plate in the middle. The plates depict hands that are clasped in prayer and the color matches that of the swing mechanism. The White Cross metal casket’s square corners also mirror the other gold accents. The clear distinction is that these plates come with crosses rather than praying hands.

Like all other Overnight Caskets burial boxes, this one is sized to fit standard burial vaults. It doesn’t lack durability and build quality either. This casket is made of 18-gauge steel with a continuous weld that seals off the bottom for all of eternity. In addition, the interior matches the style and quality of the exterior.

On the inside, the casket is lined with plush white velvet in a stylish French fold. And the eternal bed can be adjusted for the greatest support of your loved one.

What's to like about the Overnight Caskets White Cross Metal Casket

It is safe to assume that the White Cross metal casket has all the unique design qualities that make it one of the best caskets you can currently find. Its white color provides graceful elegance and the religious details should appeal to any devotee. The fact that this casket has a durable steel construction shouldn’t be overlooked either, or the plush lining.

What's not to like about the Overnight Caskets White Cross Metal Casket

The religious details are a nice touch but they might put a limit on the casket’s appeal. Not just for those of other faiths, those who are not devoted Christians could find the details a bit overbearing.


  • check
    Elegant white design
  • check
    Durable steel construction
  • check
    High-quality interior
  • check
    Christian theme


  • The religious details might be too much, but for many, this could also be a pro.


Now that you’ve seen some of the best caskets available, you can see that there is more to them than meet the eye. This buyer’s guide should help you make a more informed choice.

Types of Caskets

Caskets can be divided into a few different types. Primarily, they can be categorized according to the material and intended purpose. These are some of the most common casket types.

Metal and wooden caskets

Metal caskets are one of the most popular options for their excellent value and durability. On the other hand, wood is traditionally the most common casket material. More to come in the materials section.

Cremation caskets

Cremation caskets are made from an inferior wood as they are not meant for permanent use. Contrary to popular belief, these caskets are not burned with the body, as you wouldn’t anything to be mixed with the bones after burning. You might want to ask the crematory what they intend to do with the casket (hopefully properly recycled or disposed of).

Personalized caskets

There are a few companies that make customized casket to reflect the lifestyle or preferences of your loved one.

Casket Size

There are different casket sizes to fit the deceased, including child sizes. The interior of a standard casket measures 79 x 24 inches and fits someone up to 6 ft. 10in. tall and 350 pounds.

Some larger models can measure more than 85 x 30.5 inches on the inside to hold a person well above 450 pounds. If you need an even bigger casket, you’d have to have it custom ordered.

Casket Material

Metal and wood are the most common type of casket materials.

Stainless and standard steel, copper, and bronze are the most commonly used metals. Copper and bronze are the high-end options for their rust resistance and higher prestige. Steel caskets, on the other hand, offer better value for the money and most come with non-corrosive coatings.

In America, the most common woods are cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Pine, oak and other softer woods are more economical options. Oak, for example, is quite popular since it features a nice-looking grain pattern.


Choosing the right manufacturer might be one of the trickiest aspects. You need to consider the manufacturer’s reputation and track record, and if the company offers any additional services.

People usually go for a funeral company that can source a casket for use in the necessary service. This may relieve you of the additional stress in your moment of grief.

Casket Lining

For most people, the casket lining is as important as the casket material as it’s to cradle their loved ones. Silk lining is found in the best caskets but there are excellent velvet options as well. The linings often have a French fold and other patterns for some extra detail.


How to build a coffin

If you can handle a handsaw and a hammer, building a coffin for yourself or your loved one can be an act of love. Before you start, you need to source a coffin blueprint and choose the type of wood you would like to use.

The blueprints are readily available online for free so don’t hesitate to check them out. Once you have the materials ready, just follow the guidelines and you should have the coffin ready in a few days or less.

How much does a casket cost?

At the low end, a decent quality casket should cost about $1,000. High-quality copper or bronze caskets can go up the neighborhood of $20,000. However, different manufacturers offer a variety of options that can fit any budget no matter how big or small.

How are caskets made?

The casket manufacturing process differs significantly depending on the material used. Any well-equipped wood shop should be able to make a quality casket using furniture-making techniques.

Making caskets out of metal requires a more specialized shop that can work with different types of steel, bronze, and copper. It involves metal bending and specialized welding techniques to yield the best quality.

What is a casket?

Caskets are often confused with coffins, but there is a clear difference between the two. A casket is rectangular and features a split lid or half-couch so the body of the deceased can be viewed during the funeral wake.

They are also somewhat bulkier compared to coffins and frequently come with more intricate details and construction. In general, caskets are more popular in the United States while coffins are more frequently used in Europe.

Are caskets waterproof?

The simple answer to this question is yes, they can be waterproofed. Metal caskets that feature a full rubber gasket are usually waterproof or at least watertight. There are some manufacturers that advertise specially sealed caskets of exceptional waterproofing.

Wooden caskets, on the other hand, can’t use rubber gaskets and the sealing techniques are usually much more porous than metal caskets.


Selecting one of the best caskets can be a daunting task when you are overwhelmed by grief. All of the caskets in this write-up feature exceptional build quality and design, but one model stands out.

The Heritage Bronze metal casket by Overnight Caskets is perhaps the most conservative and universally appealing of them all. All of these metal caskets feature a welded steel construction that can last for decades on end. Those who know the deceased the best can be the judge of whether this casket reflects their loved one.