Amist ‘God Has You In His Arms’ Angel Wing Charm Jewelry Keepsake Review

Amist God Has You In His Arms Angel Wing Charm Jewelry Keepsake Review
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Amist ‘God Has You In His Arms’ Angel Wing Charm Jewelry Keepsake: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money



What We Like

  • Personal and unique gift
  • Customizable birthstones
  • Elegant design and craftsmanship
  • Exquisite textured finish with three-dimensional quality
  • Comes with tool kit
  • Cost effective option
  • Perfect memorial gift

What We Don't Like

  • Comes with tools but no written instructions

While flowers are always a popular choice, especially at a traditional Western funeral, sometimes it’s nice to think about the nearest and dearest of the deceased and to give them a gift instead that they can cherish forever.

Flowers are beautiful, but sadly they quickly decay and that in itself, can cause distress. How about instead, giving them a unique and personal gift? Something that will hold a special place in their heart and evoke fond memories every time they reflect upon it. Or, in the case of today’s product recommendation, each time they wear it.

We’re taking a look at the “God Has You In His Arms” charm necklace and keepsake urn from Amist which is one of the new wave of popular memorial necklaces. A necklace or other piece of personalized or engraved jewelry can make a lovely little gift idea and is something elegant, practical and a truly meaningful choice.

About Memorial Jewelry

Wearing cremation-based jewelry, designed to hold a small amount of your beloved one's ashes, hair or something else that creates an enduring and emotional bond, is a relatively new phenomenon but an increasingly popular one. You can trace back its origins to the times of the Egyptians who were famous for their jewelry and specifically the wearing of all their full regalia to transport them into the next life.

As the years went by, memento mori became popular which effectively were urns, skulls and other death-related commemorative items that might be decorated with names and birth dates of the deceased. Throughout the middle ages, it wasn’t uncommon to carry memorial boxes and amulets. By the 1700s, particularly throughout Europe, the wearing of lockets around the neck, notably containing strands of the hair of a loved one, became a very popular phenomenon. This was the precursor to the kind of keepsake jewelry we’re looking at today from popular online brand, Amist.

Mourning jewelry has become a way of celebrating someone's life and the kind of pretty and functional urn keepsake necklace that we’re looking at today from Amist, allows the recipient to keep a tiny bit of their loved one with them, wherever they go.

If you are looking, either for yourself or a friend, for a way to cherish, respect and continue to hold close a small part of someone you’ve recently lost, then this Amist angel wing charm is both an affordable and exquisite, very personal option.

Amist ‘God Has You In His Arms’ Angel Wing Charm Jewelry Keepsake Review

Amist specializes in creating beautiful commemorative necklaces, pendants, amulets, and engraved charms, all designed to keep the memories of a loved one alive and to be gifted to a friend or family member, grieving their loss. By wearing something like this popular Angel Wing keepsake necklace, they can continue to feel the presence of their loved one and hold those dearest and most cherished memories forever near.

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Amist ‘God Has You In His Arms’ Angel Wing Charm Jewelry Keepsake

At Amist, they appreciate that a loved one can never be replaced, nor their memory erased, but sometimes holding onto those memories and keeping them close can become more difficult over time as the years inevitably roll by. That’s where something like this Amist keepsake urn can help to hold that sentiment and memory alive for longer, enabling the wearer to retain a sentimental bond and connection to their beloved.

Let’s take a look at the features of this fantastic keepsake necklace in more detail. It really does make the most unique and beautifully treasured present and is an endearing and enduring way of honoring a deceased family members memory for longer.

Key Features

Can be customized and personalized

This beautiful necklace features three elements, certain of which can be customized including selecting the color of the birthstone crystal. There are 12 different colors to choose from for each month of the year. Also included is a beautifully etched angel wing charm, as well as a heart-shaped pendant which is engraved with comforting words. “God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart.”

The perfect size, and meticulously crafted

This is an elegant and practical pendant, meticulously made from stainless steel that has been lovingly engraved and is exquisitely textured. The heart pendant is thick, and the detail on the angel wings makes them look three-dimensional in quality. The pop of color from the birth date gemstone adds another beautiful, soft and elegant touch.

Makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea

The Amist Angel Wing keepsake pendant arrives in a beautiful gift box which is already wrapped and ready to hand over to a loved one. A sumptuous black velvet bag is also included.

Easy to use

Your pendant also comes with a separate small stainless silver urn and a mini tool kit so that you can fill it with memories of your beloved. A lock of hair, some of their ashes, a love note or maybe even a splash of their favorite fragrance.

Alternative Product Recommendation

If you’d like to gift a piece of commemorative jewelry, but you are looking for something that has a much simpler and more unisex design, then you could go instead for something like the Zoey Jewelry Stainless Steel Capsule Pill Pendant. You can still fill the necklace with a small quantity of ashes to memorialize a loved one, but the very clean and simple design, has more universal, albeit less sentimental, appeal.


Memorial jewelry is increasing in popularity and for a good reason. It’s such a wonderful way of remembering a loved one and holding them forever near. We highly recommend this Angel Wing charm from Amist with its customizable birthdate gemstone. It’s a beautifully crafted and incredibly sentimental necklace with an endearing appeal.